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Sleek design
prefab system

an extra dimension to your facade

Prefab solution

The current construction method of a traditional bay window requires a lot of consultation between different parties and takes a lot of time and money. Thanks to the budget-friendly prefabricated solution of WINDOX ® -including structural frame, insulation, facade cladding and window- there is only one party involved. This greatly reduces the installation time and the total execution time.


All construction nodes of every type of window box are EPBD accepted. As a result, aesthetics go hand in hand with energy performance regulations, without being awarded penalty points. Our window boxes therefore not only give an extra dimension to your facade, but also provide more space on an energetic level.


In addition to technical, there are also aesthetic advantages. The choice of materials and the composition of the walls result in a minimalist profile view, both inside and outside, which allows an optimal view and a maximum amount of light coming in. In addition, all options are fully integrated behind the aluminum cladding, which ensures a sleek facade image.


A WINDOX ® window box can be projected up to 80 cm from the load-bearing inner wall without loss of stability and may be dimensioned up to 18 m². If it is mounted at floor level, this creates an extra accessible living space, which increases the financial value of a home. Different versions are available for mounting in the facade as well as in the roof, or a combination of both.